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By default you will be taken to the Main Menu of the Service. You can register with the Service straightaway or at any time before making payment, by selecting “Register with the Service”. If you do not wish to register straightaway select “Begin my Will Interview” and you will automatically be given a Guest Account reference – using this will enable you to re-access the Will Interview Questionnaire and/or register.

You should proceed through the Will Interview Questionnaire by reading and answering the questions. Some questions require you to enter information, others to select the correct response. You can navigate through the Questionnaire by using the “Previous” and “Next” buttons at the end of each page, or via the “breadcrumb” menu at the top of each page, or using the Section headings in the side menu.

Each Section includes an explanatory introduction – please read this carefully.

The Will Interview Questionnaire includes a number of facilities to assist you in completing and inputting information, including Pick Lists, Tool Tips, and Autosuggest.

The Will Interview Questionnaire contains an extensive library of questions and each time you complete a question the system dynamically reviews the Questionnaire and intelligently selects and presents to you only those questions that are relevant.

The intelligence of the system makes it advisable to complete the Questionnaire from beginning to end, although this is not necessary. If you do not do so, when you go back to previous questions your answer may then change the subsequent questions.

You do not have to complete the Questionnaire in one session. The system will automatically save your information and you can then re-access this by logging in, either using your registration log-on or Guest Account reference.

Before submitting the Questionnaire for processing you must complete all mandatory questions. Mandatory questions are indicated by a red asterisk. These are indicated in the Section Menu, summary tables and individual questions.



Payment Procedure

Once you have completed and checked the Questionnaire you will have a choice as to what service you require. If you have a spouse or partner you will also be able to select to include a Mirror Will for that person (see below). The costs will be clearly shown. You will then be required to confirm that you have read, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions of Service before selecting the ‘Submit’ button to make payment. Payment is made via PayPal – you do not need a PayPal account yourself to make payment.

When you have submitted the completed Will Interview Questionnaire and made payment you will be automatically returned to the Main Menu, which will indicate the options then available to you, according to the service you have selected. This will include the option “Switch to Mirror Will” if appropriate (see Mirror Will below).

Your Will Document and Will Pack

Your Will will be processed and a Will Pack (comprising your Will, Will Cover Sheet, Will Commentary, and Signing Instructions) made available in accordance with the service you have selected. This may be by download, for self print, or by our printing and posting the Will Pack to you.

Mirror Will

If you have purchased a Mirror Will the Main Menu will include the option “Switch to Mirror Will”. By selecting this option your spouse/partner will be able to create their own unique log-in and will be presented with a “mirror” version of your completed Will Interview Questionnaire. They will be required to check this and make any necessary changes before submitting it for processing.

Please read the terms and conditions of this Online Will Service.

Whether you're single, married, divorced, living with your partner, a parent or expecting children, making a Valid Will is crucial if you're going to ensure that your loved ones are provided for.

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