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There is little point in writing a will if nobody can find it after you die.

Make sure that your executors know when you wrote your current will and where you have stored it.

Even if everybody knows you’ve written a new Will leaving everything to your new lover and that you’ve stored it in a drawer in living room, if your ex-lover found and destroyed it it would no longer be your Last Will and Testament and your previous Will (leaving everything to your ex-lover?) would become valid again if you hadn’t destroyed that yourself. If you lose your Will make sure that you write a new Valid Will today!

We suggest that you store your will at the High Court Probate Registry.
It currently costs £ 20.
For more information see Her Majesty's Courts Service website
or read Form PA7 How to Deposit a Will with the Probate Service
which is a Guide for People Who Want to Deposit a Will for Safekeeping.

Whether you're single, married, divorced, living with your partner, a parent or expecting children, making a Valid Will is crucial if you're going to ensure that your loved ones are provided for.

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