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We believe that our Online Will Writing Service provides the best low cost solution for most people that need to make a Fully Legal and Valid Will.

To protect you and to ensure that you are able to understand the Will writing process, we need to ask you a few simple questions. This is to check that our Online Will Service is suitable for you to use, or if it may be more appropriate for you to use our Bespoke Will Service.

Please confirm that:

  • You ARE domiciled in England and Wales
  • You ARE 18 years old or over
  • You ARE able to read and write
  • You DO understand the English language
  • You DO understand the nature and purpose of making a Will
  • You DO have sufficient mental capacity to make and execute a Will
  • You do NOT own property outside of England and Wales
  • You do NOT intend to leave England and Wales on a permanent basis
  • You do NOT have business or farming interests
  • You do NOT wish to leave any land, building, timeshare or intellectual property as a separate gift
  • You do NOT wish to leave anything of value to a person who has a learning disability and/or is dependent on means tested benefits
  • The value of your estate does NOT exceed £325,000 (single person) or £650,000 (married, in a civil partnership or widowed)

It's important where mirror wills are being created that you BOTH consider and answer ALL of these questions.

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Whether you're single, married, divorced, living with your partner, a parent or expecting children, making a Valid Will is crucial if you're going to ensure that your loved ones are provided for.

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