Technically there is no such thing as a Joint Will; there must be 2 completely separate legal documents although they will both have very similar contents that "mirror" each other.

Make a pair of Mirror Wills for only £ 18 each.

A Mirror Will is designed for couples (usually a wife and husband or those in a civil partnership) with similar wishes to make almost identical wills, allowing them to:

  • Appoint people they both trust to be their Executors who will deal with their estate when they die
  • Name who they both wish to benefit from specific possessions or gifts
  • Name who will benefit from their estate
  • Appoint Guardians to look after their / any minor children

The respective partners usually become both sole beneficiary and sole executor to each other.

When writing Mirror Wills it is essential to add at least one extra executor and beneficiary to each Will to safeguard the estate in the event that you could both die together. The second executor and beneficiary can be the same person in both Wills, or you may choose to have different executors.

Naming different guardians in your Wills could lead to problems unless directed properly and given considerable thought.

Even if you only want minor differences in both wills, you will probably find it much better to write 2 separate wills that take into account your individual requirements, rather than trying to save a few pounds by writing a pair of Mirror Wills.

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Whether you're single, married, divorced, living with your partner, a parent or expecting children, making a Valid Will is crucial if you're going to ensure that your loved ones are provided for.

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